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We’ve created a series of short videos discussing issues in the small-business insurance market, and aspects of what we do for companies who want to provide the best possible coverage for their employees at the kind of discounts the big companies get.

Today's Crisis In Health Insurance

Frankly Speaking with Howard Danzig: If it seems today’s health care is in a crisis…it is.

Saving on Prescriptions

Howard Danzig of ECCHIC explains in this two minute video of a case study where he was able to negotiate a lower prescription price for a client’s employee battling cancer.

Cut Out The Middle Man

ECCHIC’s Howard Danzig talks about the “news” of how Amazon, Berkshire, and JP Morgan (Chase) are teaming up to “fix” healthcare. What they are talking about he’s done for 20 years!

Saving Employers on Pharmacy Costs

In this two-minute video, ECCHIC President Howard Danzig tells of how one of his clients, a small business with 17 employees, had an employee that was facing sky-high pharmacy bills – $2,080 a month.

Resolving Network Problems

Here’s the story of rural small business owner whose wife had a breast cancer scare and was kicked “out of network” in the process. We got involved and solved the issue. We can do it for you, and do it a considerable cost savings.

Significantly Lower Insurance Administrative costs

If you’re a small business owner, a municipality, a small organization, watch this 3 minute video and learn how you can save significantly on health care cost for your employees by unbundling administrative costs. If you’re an organization of say, 30, ECCHIC can take a $46,000 a month administrative charge from a Blue Cross etc and make it $7,500 one.

A Message to Small Town Business Owners

A Message to Small Town America

A Message to Independent Pharmacies

A Message to Independent Insurance Brokers