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We’ve created a series of short videos discussing issues in the small-business insurance market, and aspects of what we do for companies who want to provide the best possible coverage for their employees at the kind of discounts the big companies get.

Saving Employers on Pharmacy Costs

Frankly Speaking with Howard Danzig: A Case Study in saving a small employer thousands of dollars in pharmacy costs.

"Cutting Out the Middle Men"

ECCHIC’s Howard Danzig talks about the “news” of how Amazon, Berkshire, and JP Morgan (Chase) are teaming up to “fix” healthcare. What they are talking about he’s done for 20 years!

Beating the "Out of Network" System

In this edition of “Frankly Speaking,” Howard tells the story of a woman denied cancer testing because she was out of network, and how he beat the system.

Secrets of Small Business Savings

In this edition of “Frankly Speaking” ECCHIC President Howard Danzig tells the story of how he helped a small 27-employee business in northwest Missouri save $64,000 by “unbundling” the employer’s health care plan. All benefits remained the same.

A Message to Associations

A Message to Municipalities

A Message to Small Town Business Owners

A Message to Small Town America

A Message to Independent Pharmacies

A Message to Independent Insurance Brokers